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Fashion for Muscular Legs

Written by admin, Monday, June 1st, 2009 in Q&As

I’m a relatively slim guy. My upper body is pretty small and weak. However, my legs are potentially powerful enough to destroy the rest of my body, so my glutes and thighs are huge. How can I create a better balance between my upper and lower body?

The best way to build balance is to make sure you accentuate the top and bottom in ways to reduce the problems of both. For your bottom, avoid anything skin-tight or super baggy like the plague- instead, try to find stuff that fits you (particularly in the glutes, for obvious reasons), including some damn fine pairs of dress pants and jeans. True Religion jeans, while extremely expensive, are known for being accommodating in this respect- but virtually any brand of jeans will have some jeans that fit you, you’ll simply need to find the right pair. Look for straight leg jeans, or in some brands, loose/relaxed fit. For dress pants, you’re actually in luck- with the exception of more trendy brands, most retailers make dress pants slightly baggy anyway for some arbitrary reason- again, just try stuff on and try to find something tight enough to reduce the issue but baggy enough to avoid looking like tights.

For your top, I’d not only recommend weight lifting/exercising there to build up some size (it won’t hurt you), but I’d also just wear tops that accentuate your top well. Tighter fitting untucked button-downs will draw more attention to your upper body, as will v-necks and similar tops. In the winter, coats can assist. Still, quite honestly, this shouldn’t be a major issue- with the right pair of pants, the top should naturally fit in fairly well. Good luck!

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