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When should I Eat?

Written by admin, Monday, November 3rd, 2008 in Q&As

When are we supposed to eat? I know, from here and elsewhere, that eating right before sleeping is bad for weight gain. When, then, and what amounts? Is it better to be snacking all day, eat a large breakfast, skip meals, etc.

This is fairly easy- eat smaller meals more often. In general, this is the healthiest way to eat- and yes, that means more than “three square meals”. While I’m not entirely educated into the details, the concept is that by eating less more often, you still eat the same amount (hopefully), but you keep your metabolism going all of the time. Eating one big meal only once a day may be convenient, but in the long run, you slow your metabolism in between the meals, and you put on fat.

So far as the specific meals, eat breakfast if you can. Those oldschool PSAs are very accurate- it keeps you awake and alert. Don’t eat sugary cereals or pop-tarts or something- eat something substantial like fruit and whole wheat toast. This applies to all meals, really- you CAN snack, but obviously, that’s healthy snacking- not snacking on what we commonly call “snack food”.

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