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Texting Etiquette

Written by admin, Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 in Q&As

I’m texting with a girl I’ve been dating for a while. What’s the appropriate etiquette?

Texting is pretty artless, but there are some things I think every guy should do:

  • Avoid needless abbreviations. Yes, you can’t send THAT much, but still. Something like “lol” is probably appropriate given the medium, but that’s probably the upper limit of propriety.
  • Don’t forget punctuation and capitalization. If you can, use an auto-correct function or something. It may take you more time, but it helps you look reasonably educated.
  • If you can, get a remote access program. There are numerous programs for Android, like MyPhoneExplorer, that allow you to remotely text from your PC. Use this and use texting like IM. Doing so will allow you to type better and faster without wearing out your tiny keys. Presumably, there are similar programs for the iPhone.
  • Don’t do excessively long messages or conversations. If it’s something complex or detailed, just call or use e-mail. It may be a pain to those married to their cell phones, but ten-message-long diatribes just aren’t made to be texted.
  • No signatures, forwards, or the like. Just don’t.
  • Be careful with nighttime texting or texting when people may be at work or in class. Remember, courtesy is everything — don’t flood someone’s cell phone just because they don’t respond. If possible, nighttime text lovers only.
  • Delete messages periodically. Don’t run around with a huge chatlog. Don’t expect your messages to be terribly private, but simultaneously don’t violate your texting partner’s feelings of privacy.
  • Don’t text in meetings, at class, or in conversations. It’s just rude.

Hope this helps! Given that it’s a girl you’re dating, these rules can be fairly relaxed, but this should help you be reasonably polite with your cell phone.

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