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Written by admin, Saturday, July 23rd, 2011 in Q&As

So I suffer from hyperhidrosis (specially) in my armpits and face (is a genetic thing, in my case). To get all sweaty in my the face is easy, but I need to “do something” (walk, go out on a non cold day, become embarrassed) and I just accept it.

But in my armpits things are (more) annoying. It is frequent to be all sweaty in my armpits while just being sitted down. And i mean having my whole shirt wet on my armpits, noticeable from “miles away”. To avoid people seeing it (easily), I started avoiding colored shirts (that i like much) and use mostly black and dark brown (that i like, but get tired), and use some kind of light jacket when I can, to hide the sweat “stains”.

I don’t know what to do more, because even with those tricks, people still notice it a lot…

Any tips?

If armpit sweat is your problem, there are some things you can do — some fairly easy, some less so.

First of all, I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but check out prescription deodorant. Heavy-duty deodorants might help a bit, at least initially.

Still, there are many other options you can approach. If I were you, the first thing I’d do is start wearing very well fitted undershirts — think something like Under Armor. I usually recommend wearing undershirts on here anyway, but something tighter and more breathable might be more bearable for everyday wear. If you don’t want to look like you wear an undershirt every day, I’d even consider cutting off the collar. Since there are a lot of various Under Armor-esque knockoffs nowadays, this shouldn’t be too terribly expensive — just find something tight and hidden that will help prevent sweat from leaking through.

The next idea I’ve heard from some people is to literally sew extra fabric into the armpit of your shirt. I’ve seen this be successful, but obviously this is kinda time-consuming and ridiculous, and it can be obvious unless you have a good tailor do it. In any event, it’s an idea, albeit a somewhat unwieldy one.

Finally, while I know hyperhidrosis isn’t entirely caused by heat, getting breathable clothing will help prevent you from overheating and, in some circumstances, help dry any already-existing sweat. Summer weight blazers aren’t bad in this regard — the material is thick enough to prevent sweat from seeping through, but the whole blazer itself is light enough to not be stifling. Similarly, I’d look for lighter sweaters/cardigans (see, e.g., American Apparel sweaters). The only exception to this rule is that I would not recommend getting super-thin dress shirts or the like — such shirts get sweaty easily, hyperhidrosis or not.

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