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Workout Gear

Written by admin, Sunday, February 27th, 2011 in Q&As

What’s fashionable to wear to the gym?

I consider that a trick question: fashion at the gym is one of the last things you should be worried about. However, because I’ve gotten some questions regarding appropriate workout gear, I’ll try to help.

First off, utility is everything, so don’t worry about how you look while working out. If you find some workout gear that you are comfortable in when doing cardio/weight lifting/whatever, wear it. There are some idiot “guides” floating around claiming that the type of top you wear matters somehow — don’t listen to them. If you like wearing a hoodie to work out, wear that. If you prefer a wife beater, wear that. No-one cares.

Admittedly, however, going to the gym in formal/street clothing is a bad idea. Wear athletic shoes — don’t show up in boots or in casual shoes, as they will make you look rather ridiculous and in some cases can affect your balance for heavier weight exercises like squats. Don’t wear jeans, they will chafe and restrict your movement. Unless you must, wear long pants — they will protect your legs from the bar during deadlifts. Remember, you go to a gym to exercise — wear clothing that will allow you to do so without getting in your way.

At the same time, don’t overdo it. Unless you are a professional power lifter with a proven need, don’t wear a bench press shirt or “lifting shoes,” as you will look ridiculous (and, chances are, they will not help you). Similarly, showing up to a gym over-prepared to workout in some sort of special outfit comes off a little strange. Remember, you are at a gym to work out, not to show off.

In any case, stop worrying. If you have time to worry about how you look at a gym, you have time to work out harder at the gym.

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