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Bootcut Jeans

Written by admin, Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 in Q&As

Are bootcut jeans OK? I have a lot of pairs of boots that just won’t fit into straight leg jeans.

Well, yes, generally. The generally accepted rule is that you try to wear jeans as slim as you can without looking ridiculous, but obviously, if you plan to wear boots, you’ll need jeans that work well.

To be more specific, you probably want to go for something along the lines of Levi’s 507 jeans — that is, slim boot cut jeans. The reason for the seemingly universal hate fashion websites have for boot cut jeans is that they are typically somewhat bulky and baggy, two things you never want in a good pair of jeans. Whatever brand/style you do go for, the best thing you can do is ensure that, independent of the bottom of the jeans, the jeans fit well overall.

Also, while I’m on this topic, let me be clear about the general policy on boots: cowboy boots always stay under jeans, military boots and other mid-thigh boots can be under the jeans or bloused depending on the style, and hiking boots generally stay underneath by virtue of being too short to really be blouse-able. In simpler terms, never ever “tuck in” your jeans on a pair of cowboy boots, no matter how skinny your jeans are — get a pair of bootcut jeans, or at least jeans that will accommodate the boot, or don’t wear them. You will look like a gay pornstar otherwise. That being said, military boots, or other types of boots with high uppers, can sometimes be bloused (meaning you tuck your pants into the boot), just be careful.

Either way, long story short, go for slim bootcut jeans for cowboy boots or certain types of boots, or otherwise go without or blouse your pants. Hope this helps!

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