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How to Handle a Sunburn Naturally

Written by Kate Ferguson, Tuesday, June 20th, 2017 in Fitness

With the warmer months upon us that usually means spending a lot more time out in the sun. Try as we might to be conscientious with the sunscreen, getting a burn at some point is not an unlikely occurrence. Here are some of the best ways to handle it and cut down on the discomfort.

Ice It

That heat you feel while suffering from a sunburn can be lessened a bit by using ice packs or cold water on the burn. Run a towel through cold water and set in on the burn for some immediate widespread relief, or hold a wrapped ice pack on the source of the pain for a few minutes at a time.

Apply Witch Hazel

Some people find a lot of relief from the pain of a sunburn by applying witch hazel to their skin. The product is an astringent with anti-inflammatory properties. Dip cotton balls in the astringent and then gently wipe it over the areas that hurt. It should help to cut down some of the intensity.

Avoid Using Soap

While you’re healing a sunburn it’s best to avoid using soap, which can dry out the skin. Skin that’s healing from a sunburn needs plenty of moisture to do so. If you feel like it’s necessary to use soap go with something mild and make sure that you rinse completely to get it off. Follow with a fragrance free moisturizer that is unlikely to irritate the skin further.

 Make Your Bath Work for You

If you’re bathing as opposed to showering there are a few different things that you can add into the bathwater to help soothe the skin. Those would include baking soda, vinegar, or oatmeal. Vinegar is a natural astringent, baking soda has been known to sooth the skin, and oatmeal can help cut down on the itching that often follows a burn.

Chill Your Lotion

Pop your lotion in the refrigerator and allow it cool down before applying it for a extremely soothing experience. Some people enjoy doing this in the warm weather regardless of what shape their skin is in, but can it can feel amazing on a sunburn.

Sit by a Fan

If your sunburn is keeping you inside you can always set up a standing fan nearby and allow the air to blow onto your skin. Pretty much anything that cools the skin down is going to feel great on a sunburn, whether or not it’s actually facilitating healing or not.

Stay Hydrated

Part of keeping the skin moisturized is making sure that you’re plenty hydrated inside the body as well. Step up the water drinking and munch on fruits and veggies that are high in water content such as watermelon, cucumber, and honeydew. The pain of the sunburn will be gone in no time…just remember to apply sunscreen and wear some protective layers the next time you head out and spend some time in the sun. 

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