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How to Wear a Tie Bar

Written by Anna Jones, Monday, November 14th, 2016 in Doing it Right, Fashion

tieTie bars are back in style, but the rules have changed somewhat. Here’s how to wear a tie bar without looking like your dad and his co-workers:

Secure Fastening

A tie bar keeps your tie from moving – it’s both functional and stylish. Make sure, though, that the bar is fastened to more than just your tie; it has to also be attached to your shirt. Otherwise, it will not look right, and may slide all over your tie, which is not a cool look.

Location is Key

Make sure you place your tie bar in the proper location. Tie bars should always be placed between the third and fourth buttons on your shirt – if it’s higher or lower, it won’t look very stylish.

Pick a Cool Clasp

For tie bars, there are two types of clasps: slide clasps and pinch clasps. The pinch clasps is typically simpler to wear, because it can stay in place more easily. Slide clasps enable the tie to lay against your shirt more neatly, so it really depends on what you’re looking for; however, slide clasps are a bit harder to attach.

Choose the Right Color

For tie bars, you don’t necessarily want a flashy color – black or silver worked well with nearly every tie, and add a classic look to your overall appearance.

To give tie bars a modern twist, go thinner – it will draw attention to your entire outfit, not just the tie bar itself.

Add an amazing blazer, and a cool pant/shoe combo, and you’re good to go! You are wearing an awesome look of the season, and it can be worn on a date, to the office, or even running errands – good on you, Master of Style.

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