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What to Wear on Casual Friday

Written by Francesca, Monday, October 24th, 2016 in Fashion, The Style Guide

casualfridayCasual Friday isn’t an excuse to be sloppy or dull. You should still look presentable enough to deal with clients. Comfy jeans and a t-shirt are too informal, and a polo and chinos are too predictable. Here’s what to wear instead on the next Casual Friday.

Polo and Blazer

You can still look sharp by wearing a solid or thinly striped polo underneath a cotton or linen blazer. Button the polo to the top and make sure your collar is stiff or buttons down so it will stay in place. You can even leave the polo untucked if it doesn’t go too much past your belt. Pair the ensemble with fashionable dark-wash jeans or a casual trouser.

Relaxed Shoes

When it comes to footwear, sport a white canvas sneaker or boat shoe for a relaxed but smart appearance. Don’t worry about wearing white after Labor Day; it’s an outdated rule. In fact, a pop of this light neutral color can brighten up an otherwise dark-toned outfit, and there’s no better day to wear starkly contrasting colors than on Casual Friday. Another option is to go with a casual boot.


Leather is always appropriate, but Casual Friday is a chance to wear something different than what you always wear to work. Put on a less formal belt instead, such as a cotton or ribbon one. Now is a good time to show off your more interesting belt buckles, too. Remember to tone down your watch and any jewelry as well.

Be Bold

If the above options don’t reflect your style tastes, then choose what does. Take the opportunity to wear fashion that isn’t normally acceptable at the office, such as loud colors, bold patterns, denim shirts and jackets, hats, and so on. Have fun expressing your individuality while maintaining a sense of professionalism.

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