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Men’s Fall Fashion for the Office

Written by Francesca, Monday, September 26th, 2016 in Fashion, Seasonal Fashion

fall-1031695_960_720Fall fashion isn’t just for those who are going back to school or who like to follow trends. It’s also for the office goer. You can modernize your work look with these simple yet powerful changes to your wardrobe this fall.

Mid-Weight Suits

Be prepared for warm or cool weather with a mid-weight wool suit in a light shade of gray. It’s well suited (pun intended) as a transition piece between summer and fall. Keep it simple with a white shirt and neutral tie for a clean, minimal look.

Army Hues

Some of the colors and patterns from the runway this season can easily be loud and overwhelming for the average guy. Start with an army hue instead. It’s enough to make you stand out from your colleagues while still maintaining a professional appearance.

Cable-Knit Sweaters

Cable-knit sweaters are back in style with the modern twist of thicker cables and interesting detail. Neutral colors are best if you prefer a subdued look, or you can go bold with strong fall colors, such as orange, red, and deep teal. Try different necklines besides round and V-neck. Others include cowls, turtlenecks, and collars. You can also opt for a vest instead of a sweater.

Two-Tone Dress Shoes

For those not fond of color in main pieces, wear a two-tone shoe to add visual interest in a subtler way. Choose rich, dark neutrals, such as burgundy, plum, or forest green. If that’s too colorful for you, stick with complementary shades of brown or gray.

Don’t think that autumn plus office has to equal boring clothing. With these small but effective tweaks to your fall fashion, you’ll exemplify the perfect balance of updated style and classic sophistication at the office. Soon your coworkers will be coming to you for more than just job-related advice!

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2 Responses to Men’s Fall Fashion for the Office

  1. Laurel Baldwin says:

    well written, interesting.. curious what are latest trends in socks, how bold can a man go in the workplace? What might be some fun ideas for casual Fridays?

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