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This Season’s Trends in Winter Accessories for Men

Written by Francesca, Sunday, November 22nd, 2015 in Fashion, Seasonal Fashion


fashion-man-person-winterOften, men leave accessorizing to the women, but a man who knows how to sport accessories can make a powerful statement about his style and personality. Look for these trending winter accessories for men next time you’re out shopping.

Infinity Scarves

The best thing about the infinity scarf is its simplicity. You don’t have to know how to tie a scarf a million different ways in order to wear this one well. Just put it over your head and you’re done! It’s the entry-level accessory for those of you new to the fashion scene. Colors you should look for this winter are earth tones (see examples here).


You don’t need to go out and buy an oversized fur coat, but other fur products, trim, and lining are definitely “in” this season. If you’re worried about fur looking too feminine, the key is to make sure it’s paired with a masculine design.

Classy Gloves

For everyday use, leather and wool gloves are best because they’re both practical and stylish. They also offset any knit or crocheted items you may be wearing, such as a sweater or scarf, because you don’t want all your accessories to match in fabric and pattern. Something else to look for is detail, particularly embroidery. Also, make sure the gloves allow you to still use your smartphone.

Utility Chic Boots

Dolce & Gabbana combined both utility and fashion to turn work boots into chic footwear, proving that sophistication and functionality can coexist. These boots are the perfect solution for your winter needs. Trends include crocodile leather, paneling, and studs.

This winter, you don’t need to sacrifice style for the sake of warmth, or vice versa. These winter accessories for men make it possible to still be fashionable despite the weather.

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