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Should Manly Men Wear Make-up?

Written by Christina, Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015 in Fashion, The Style Guide

bebe creamAs surprising as it may sound, many women across the globe would answer, “absolutely YES!” The modern-day concept that wearing make-up is only for women overlooks centuries of world history, where both genders used make-up.

Recently, many Asian beauty retainers have been gaining a market in West especially in Europe. One of the most popular products are called BB creams, short for “beauty balms” for men. BB creams equate to a concealer with moisturizing proprieties and sometimes SPF for sun/ UV protection. They are designed to give your skin a smooth, youthful, and blemish-free appearance.

Interestingly, in South Korea alone perhaps 8o% of men over the age of 20, use a brand of BB cream in addition to other beautifying products as part of their daily skin care regimen. The use of BB creams and other facial skin care products for men has caught fire in the UK and is gaining a stronger presence in the US. But, how are the ladies in the West receiving this trend?

Well, according to a poll on debate.org, an overwhelming 85% of female poll takers voted, “Yes, men should wear make-up.”

So, what did some of these ladies have to say? One anonymous poll taker wrote, “Makeup is used to cover up blemishes in order to appear more attractive. There’s nothing wrong with a guy wanting to be more attractive.”

Another woman wrote, “ I don’t think a guy wearing eyeliner is ‘gay’ or ‘feminine’ at all, in fact, I find eyeliner makes some guys look really hot! And a lot of actors and models wear makeup, so I honestly don’t see the big deal with it.”

And yet, another female commenter raised the question that if both men and women can use hair-coloring products, then why is it a big deal when it comes to skin-care products?

All in all, we each have to live within our comfort zone. However, it can be safely concluded that the majority of women think that men who wear light and natural make-up appear more attractive than men who don’t wear any. Furthermore, using make-up does not erode women’s respect for a man’s masculinity. From a female perspective, there’s no shame in the use of a little bit of make-up to accentuate your naturally attractive masculine features.


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