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How to Rock a Hoodie Without Looking Overly Casual

Written by Kate Ferguson, Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 in Doing it Right, Fashion

A great hoodie is a key item to have around all year long. Summer nights can call for the casual warmth that can only be found in a hoodie, and heading into fall there will be even more opportunities for wearing them. But wearing one puts you at risk of going too casual as well. We’re all for comfort, but looking good while feeling comfortable is the overall goal. Here are some tips for rocking a hoodie at any time of day but still looking stylish and put together.

Keep it Clean

It goes without saying that your clothes should be clean, but it’s worth an extra note when it comes to hoodies. It’s too easy to let a sweatshirt fall into pajama territory and then turn around and wear it the next day. If you wear a hoodie for lounging around the house and going out later night, it’s easy to end up with a less than fresh feeling. Sometimes it’s better to keep separate hoodies for separate occasions. Perhaps you need one hoodie that you can eat takeout in, as well as another that’s reserved for dining out. Then you’re free to treat your home hoodie as casually as you want, without compromising your daytime dressing options.

Choose Quality

The quality of a sweatshirt does vary more than you’d might think. The material an cut of an athletic sweatshirt is not necessarily going to offer the same streamlined fit as a designer one. This doesn’t mean that you need to shell out big bucks for all your sweatshirts, but do stay aware that not all sweatshirts are made the same. Better quality sweatshirts are going to resist fading and last longer than the alternative, which can make investing a bit more totally worth the investment.

Stay Structured on the Bottom

If you pair a hoodie with sweats or baggy jeans it might create an overall sloppier appearance than it would if you pair it with some fitted jeans. Everyone has difference tastes and styles that work better for them than others, but tailored is always a good idea regardless of what sort of style it is that you’re wearing. The more your clothing looks like it was made for you, the sleeker your overall look will appear.

This goes for shoes as well as pants. Sneakers are a great pairing with a hoodie, as long as they’re clean. Just like it’s a good idea to keep separate hoodies for separate hobbies, having separate sneakers is a good idea too. The sneakers that you workout in should not be the same sneakers that you’re wearing for fashion purposes, for a few different reasons. The wear and tear your sneakers go through in those athletic moments doesn’t always present the best look. (Or smell.) Plus, fashionable sneakers don’t always have the support that you need from an athletic shoe. Keep them separate for the sake of your feet as well as your fashion.

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