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Mighty Ways to Stay Confident

Written by Dayna, Monday, January 2nd, 2017 in Dating Columns, Sex & Dating

What we think and feel is mirrored through our body language and appearance. No matter how strategically you decorate that mask, the minute insecure thoughts creep into your mind, they will betray you and reveal themselves to your audience. It’s important to appear confident, but it’s more important, to actually be confident.

This is true for your dating life, your career, and even when you order your morning cup of coffee. Confidence is something you want to pack and bring with you for every occasion.

There may be situations where you find your confidence slipping, this happens to everyone. Here are some tips in picking yourself up before your toes have touched bottom.

Think Positively.

When we think positively we end up performing higher. Think rationally, stay focused, and stay positive. There are solutions to every problem; if you keep yourself in a positive mindset then you will find the best one, solution that is.

Get this, by thinking positively you increase levels of creativity and productivity in your brain. Do it, not the nike ad do it, but for real do it.

Be Accepting

Often, we can be disappointed with the outcome of certain circumstances. However, it’s a waste of time and energy to mope around and nitpick how things just didn’t work out the way you expected.

Swallow the failure no matter how dry and chunky and uneasily it moves down your esophagus. Keep your ground, keep your confidence, keep your cool. It is totally unsexy for a guy to slump and brood over unwanted outcomes. 


Many of us have that ‘thing’ that makes us feel good. No, I take it back, its more than that. There is that thing that makes us feel empowered. I’m not talking about something as fleeting as two scoops of cookies n’ cream ice cream with hot chocolate fudge (mmm) but something more momentous.

You don’t have to go too far on such a tight memory stretch, it could be something as simple as, say, your favorite band. The Velvet Underground, Interpol, Sonic Youth, Sam Cooke, you name it, your confidence, your soundtrack. Turn it up and see how easily you sink into your confident self.

Ego Booster

In more stressful, anxious, first date moments, sometimes it’s good to just go to the bathroom, take a break, take a breath, take a cigarette, whatever you need and come back to the moment. Be your own mom and remind yourself of at least three characteristics that make you great. C’mon, you have them, you know them, own them, and use them to refuel your confidence character. We can all use a helping hand, but sometimes, we just gotta do these things ourselves.

Now be careful out there, don’t get too confident. While some people may admire over confidence, most people don’t trust it. If you blow that confidence balloon too much, then you may just wind up exactly where you started, with nothing.

Okay, we don’t have to go that far, I am sure you started with a lot more than nothing, so let’s just say, nothing more than what you started with.

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