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Impressing Your Work Crush

Written by Anna Jones, Friday, November 25th, 2016 in Dating Columns, Sex & Dating

workcrushIf you work for an office that doesn’t have a fraternization policy, then you may be thinking about trying to work up the nerve to ask out your workplace crush. You may be concerned that you’ll come off as creepy or weird – or you’re worried that it won’t last.

Dating a co-worker may be risky for many reasons apart from those listed above. However, that shouldn’t stop you from following your heart. And while we can’t speak for the longevity of your relationship, don’t worry – we have you covered on the not-creepy aspect. Here’s how to ask out the girl (or guy) of your dreams without being off-putting:

Be Positive

Don’t directly hit on your crush. You can certainly compliment them, but making lascivious comments, alluding to a romantic relationship, or being otherwise weird is off-putting and will not win your crush to your side.

Instead, try being a generally positive person around the office. Help out Sandra in Accounting with unjamming the printer. Keep your desk area clean. Putting a positive spin on your everyday work environment will not only make you a better person, but will hopefully make your crush take notice.

Make a Date

Ask your crush to an after-hours work event. If you already have plans with a group of people one day, invite him or her along. Keep it casual – no need to dress up, unless you feel like it! The best relationships start out as friendships, so approach it like that. You can certainly take your crush aside, at some point, and ask them if they’d be up for a one-on-one date. If they’re up for it, exchange phone numbers (if you haven’t already).

Follow-up is Key

Just like those work emails you never get around to sending, following up is imperative when starting a new relationship. Make sure you actually call/text your crush, and don’t play games – normal adult men and women don’t enjoy that. Be straightforward, honest, and kind. Making that sort of general statement sounds like we’re saying, “just be yourself,” and, well, we are – because why would you want to be with anyone, workplace crush or otherwise, who didn’t love you as you are?

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