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Pheromones vs Essential Oils for Attracting Women

Written by Elena, Sunday, May 22nd, 2016 in Culture, Dating Columns, Featured, Sex & Dating

Essential OilsWhere did you last see an advertisement proclaiming that, if you buy their sexually charged pheromones in a bottle, it will make women fall head over heels for you? Probably: on the internet, a late night infomercial, or even the back of a fishing magazine. For quite some time, there has been no shortage of attraction pheromone products.

But do pheromones really exist, and the deeper question; can those concoctions in little bottles make you irresistible to women? Today, I’m going to attempt to answer all these questions and more so you’ll finally be able to separate the myths from facts.

The answer is yes; pheromones exist and are secreted by many animal species throughout the world, including humans, other mammals, insects and plants. They play a role in the mating selection process of many species and perhaps even ours.

Scientists have been able to pinpoint these chemicals from certain animals and insects, and yes, some version synthetic or otherwise has been packaged and sold as ‘animal attraction pheromones’. Some manufacturers recommend you splash some in with your aftershave, so the girls will come running without bras or panties.

However, the claims by those manufactures are completely unfounded. If that liquid is filled with sex pheromones from a wild boar, well then, maybe you could attract a female boar sitting at the edge of the bar, but the hottie on the dance floor will still not give you the time of day. If anything, she thinks you smell like a pig.

Even more outrageously deceitful companies will advertise their products as containing human sex pheromones. But here is the problem: No scientist has ever proven or identified one single human sex pheromone that is solely meant to attract a mate. Now, it is true that they likely do exist and may play a role in our mating practices. But just because a company may have poured in some human male urine for the justification to label it “human sex pheromone” doesn’t mean it is a proven human sex pheromone.

The scientific search for human pheromones is still in the early stages. The first steps have focused on areas of the body that already emit noticeable odors—in particular our gland-filled armpits and urine deposits.

For example, call them potential sex pheromones or just simple molecules released by our body; inside are the chemicals that makeup our sweat and urine. Not everything about these odors is equally attractive to women. The chemical component called androstenol is the scent produced by fresh male sweat, and can be attractive to females. But when sweat is not fresh, because its’ been lingering and exposed to oxygen, it produces androstenone which most women find stinky and repulsive.

The bottom line is, there has not been one scientist on planet Earth who has conclusively identified and proven the existence of a human sex pheromone; therefore it is impossible to bottle it. This is why many companies say their synthetic or natural pheromone product comes from an animal, because science can prove that more truthfully. The probability this helps you attract a human woman with a vagina though, is slim to none.

Now let’s look at essential oils. Another somewhat mysterious collection of liquid in a bottle made from animals, plants, flowers, roots and herbs. However, scientific research has proven that its effectiveness for sexually influencing humans who use them is far more conclusive. Also, it is supported by a long list of societies throughout history including the Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Persians.

Upfront let me tell you that I’m a sexologist and aroma therapist. Therefore, you know in advance I am going to side with essential oils over pheromones. It is my experience in aroma therapy, for the past 17 years, that’s enabled me to give you honest and additional accurate facts about essential oils as aphrodisiacs, performance enhancers and attraction scents.

First, I will tell you the good news and then just news which isn’t necessarily so bad. The good news is essential oils have been proven to affect the body in ways which increases and promotes sexual conditions and pleasures. I will go into more details about how all that works in a minute. The not-so-bad news is that certain essential oils are very likely to have aphrodisiac properties, but that has never been scientifically proven.

Part of the reason it’s hard to prove something 100% as an aphrodisiac is, people have the ability to decipher ‘aphrodisiacs’ differently. Some things turn one person on, but not another. For example, a certain love song or scent may put a girl in a sexy mood, but that same song or scent makes another girl sad based on her past life experience and surrounding circumstances.

However, when an essential oil, like rose and sandalwood enters the body of two different individuals, the chemical reactions will be the same regardless of past conditioning. Both of their bodies will have increased blood flow and both bodies respiratory breathing will slow. So in essence, if you want to create an ideal circumstance for great sex, you want that person to be clam, relaxed and with more blood flow around their genitals.

It’s not my business, or intention, to arrogantly promise with 100% fact that an essential oil product will direct all women in the subway or on campus to throw themselves at your feet. But, I can honestly tell you essential oils will create conditions in the body and mind to promote sexual interaction and playfulness. And by the way, the sexual interactions many times will feel better, result in stronger orgasms, and allow for a stronger and more comfortable connection between lovers if oils were previously exposed to your bodies.

With that said, I personally do believe that essential oils also attract members of the opposite sex and act as aphrodisiacs. This is my opinion based on 17 years of practice and exposure. Let me give you one reason.  There was a study done, which showed that daily use of pleasant-smelling essential oil colognes significantly improves men’s mood, reducing disturbances such as tension, depression, anger, fatigue and confusion. This personal sense of well-being, good humor and confidence, which will inevitably be reflected in behavior, may be of more help in attracting potential females than the unreliable pheromone in a bottle gimmick.

So, the point of that experiment is, essential oils do put the mind at ease, allows a person to function more proficiently and less negativity in their daily life. Potential mates will observe your competence or ease at which you handle life’s challenges and therefore be attracted to that man whom they see as potentially a good leader, good problem solver and overall good person to manage their own life and her future children. Women’s brains are hardwired to seek males that act in this way. If you’re always in a good mood, chances are the people around you will pick up on it and will want to be part of that good mood too.

The majority my past clients, both male and female, have told me they experienced greater feelings of self-sexuality, along with an increase in the ability to attract attention and interest from members of the opposite sex. As a matter of fact, in my personal life, these are the same experiences I’ve had for as long as I’ve been using essential oil perfumes.

If you’re choosing between a pheromone attraction boosting product, that may have a questionable smell or no smell at all, and an essential oil attraction boosting product that smells naturally clean and delicious, I certainly would choose the latter. An increasing trend for men is using essential oils as daily cologne to reap the many benefits. There is nothing special you need to do or know when using natural oils for cologne. The only difference is instead of spraying it on, you place a few drops on your neck and wrists. It’s that simple.

Besides the wonderful smells that will improve your mood and attract the attention of women, the oils are also good for your body. Alcohol based colognes nowadays are mostly synthetic, do nothing to improve your physiology and are full of chemicals that end up interfering with your hormonal system over time as opposed to energizing and balancing them like essential oils have proven to do. Nowadays you can even wear natural essential oil colognes that smell nearly identical to your favorite designer brands.

If you’d like to learn more and see my entire line of natural products for men, made from essential oils, please take a trip over to my website. (https://www.elenapellicano.com)

With love,

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