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What to Wear on a Date?

Written by admin, Saturday, April 18th, 2009 in Q&As

I have a simple question: what do i wear on a date?

For most dates (i.e. dinner dates, going to the movies, et al), casual dressy is preferable. This includes, but is not excplicitly limited to, a pair of nice pants, a nice shirt (i.e. a button down or a sweater) and nice shoes.

Remember, most girls look towards clothing to determine your fashion sense, class, and general looks- this is not something you want to screw up. No jeans (except for nice dark wash jeans), t-shirts, henleys, sneakers, or anything similar- keep it classy and refined. By all means, you don’t have to buy designer clothing- but you need to look presentable.

For the pants, pick something that fits you well and looks good- preferably flat front pants of some kind. Avoid white or any other kind of flamboyant colors- just something all-purpose. Make sure they fit well in the hips and are not excessively baggy or tight- and ensure that, before your date, you get them ironed lightly to give them a nice crease.

As for the shirt, pick something in a nice color that compliments your skin tone, hair, and/or eye color. Avoid garish patterns or textures- you can be a little bit obnoxious, but avoid something creepy. Obviously, make sure the shirt is tailored and ironed.

As for the shoes, pick something traditional yet modern- girls often look to shoes to determine your fashion sense, so make sure these work well. Avoid ugly square toed loafer abominations- stick with classy oxfords. Make sure the shoes are shined, but not shiny- just keep them clean. Most importantly, regardless of the style, make sure they are comfortable- you never know how much walking you’ll end up doing.

Of course, there’s plenty of room for variation. Some classier dinner places may require a coat and tie- obviously, you should wear one. Some activities (especially outdoor activities, i.e. picnics) may require more casual clothing. I can’t really think everything out for you- just remember to keep things stylish and classy and you’ll do fine.

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