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How to Wear Sneakers for Any Occasion

Written by Kate Ferguson, Monday, May 22nd, 2017 in Doing it Right, Fashion, Featured

For most people sneakers are the go to weekend option for downtime while boots and dress shoes take over the rest of the time. But in reality it’s possible to wear sneakers for every single occasion…it just has to be done right. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

They have to be Clean

Your ratty sneakers might be your most comfortable pair, but they aren’t what we’re talking about when we say they can be worn for any occasion. You should have a pair that is in good condition to wear for nicer occasions. Meaning no scuffs, holes, weird laces, etc. You might find that you even get two of the same pair to use for different occasions if you really like one style but can’t seem to keep them in good condition. Never underestimate the power of the toothbrush for cleaning that rubber safely, although a gentle wash in the washing is generally an option as well.

Minimal Design

Some people can pull of wearing flashy limited edition basketball shoes but they’re not the sneaker for everyone when you’re trying to be subtle at work. When you’re wearing sneakers in professional and formal situations you will want to go with something that isn’t going to compete with your outfit or necessary draw eyes at all. This is where the solid colors come in handy. You want to look put together and stylish while feeling comfortable, not make the sneaker the statement piece of the whole outfit.

Consider Classics

The more classic a sneaker design is the more likely that it will smoothly flow with any situation. Converse are an obvious option, they’re worn by both genders of all ages in pretty much any situation imaginable. If you look around there are probably some close by as we speak. They’re partly so natural because they’re incredibly popular, but it’s also because the style has never changed. (Or at least in very small ways.) Oddly they’re not always the most comfortable choice when you’re on your feet for long hours, but gel support inserts can do a lot for helping out in that department.

But Also Consider New Styles

These days there are a ton of stylish sneaker options. Some of them don’t even look like sneakers but still count. In addition to the tie up options of high tops and low tops you can also go for slides. The thing that makes them a sneaker is the fact that they’re made with a rubber sole. Those slip on slides can be ideal as a work or dress up options since without shoelaces they look incredibly minimal and clean.

Consider Different Materials

Most sneakers are canvas or plastic of some sort, but you can also go into leather territory. A leather sneaker might not be something that you’d actually want to run in, but it’s pretty much the perfect meeting of style and comfort. In that case it’s also easier to add in some interesting color choices while still looking refined. A red leather shoe just naturally looks dressier than a fabric one.

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