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3 Things That Don’t Make You a Man

Written by Francesca, Friday, October 30th, 2015 in Culture, Manners

There are numerous opinions about what makes a man, from being macho to intellectual to magnanimous (any philosophy majors out there?). Regardless of what masculine ideal you strive for, there are certain things that definitely do not make you a man. When you learn self-control in these areas, you’ll attract classy women and earn everyone’s respect.

  1. Anger Management Problems

While many women are crazy about Thor’s looks, not one is crazy about the anger issues Thor displays in his first movie. You may think being aggressive is masculine and a sign of strength, but in reality, it’s a sign of weakness. Not being able to control your anger shows you’re immature, insecure, arrogant, and vengeful. A real man knows how to manage and express his emotions and handle negative situations, or at least will get help if he doesn’t know how.

  1. A Taste for Pornography

This isn’t about shaming or being a prude. This is about facts, and the facts say that viewing pornography leads to dissatisfaction with your sexual partner and real sex; kills love and destroys relationships through dishonesty, denial, neglect, rejection, and selfishness; causes erectile dysfunction regardless of age; encourages violence, sexism, objectification, abuse, and rape; is addictive and has the same neurological effects as drugs; and fuels sex trafficking and child sexploitation—not to mention the drug and emotional abuse rampant in the porn industry.

Does anything about any of those sound manly? If you’re still not convinced, check out Fight the New Drug, a non-religious, non-political, nonprofit organization that uses scientific research and firsthand accounts to reveal the legitimate harms of pornography. A real man knows there are better forms of entertainment and better ways to handle stress, boredom, loneliness, and sexual frustration than by using porn.

  1. A Foul Mouth

We’ve all been there: you drop something and let out a swear word, or you have a bad day and vent to your friend with a string of expletives. However, when using profanity and other obscene or derogatory speech becomes the norm, it only makes you sound trashy. A well-cultured man knows how to use the vast, descriptive vocabulary found in the English language to share his emotions, voice his views, and hold an everyday conversation.

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