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6 Easy Ways to be Sexier

Written by admin, Sunday, August 14th, 2016 in Dating Columns, Featured, Fitness, Sex & Dating

AtTheCuttingEdgeLazy but attractiveness motivated? We can help. Here are 6 relatively easy ways to make yourself hotter that can have demonstrable effect in one week or less.

Do Cardio - not just weights - often

Do Cardio - not just weights - often
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This is a controversial opinion, but an important one: cardio makes you hotter. While weight lifting is a very important part of virtually any man's exercise routine, exercises like running help build up cardiovascular health and helps to shred weight.

As a side note, some claim - though we have not been able to find studies supporting this claim - that sweating regularly makes sweat smell less awful. The idea, it seems, is that bacteria is given less time to ferment in your sweat glands, resulting in less smelly sweat. As far as we know, this may be little more than an urban legend, though it does seem to be supported by personal experience.

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