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The Top 5 Counterfeited Rolex Watches

Written by Jack Tsu, Friday, August 15th, 2008 in Fashion

One in eight Rolex watches sold are counterfeit! While all watches are counterfeited at some time or another, some particular Rolex models seem to be targeted with much greater frequency. While a person in the jewelry business may not take too much time determining the authenticity of a Rolex Sea Dweller or Milgauss, another model such as the Datejust or President will garner much attention.

Why are these particular models targeted? Cash makes the world go round and the counterfeit watch business is certainly no exception. These are the most highly sought after models, as well as being relatively simple to manufacture. A illegitimate watch factory will likely have an easier time producing a copy of the Rolex President (with its relatively simple design) than a Daytona (many registers and features – easy to screw up).

Rolex Submariner

The quintessential Rolex diving watch. The only watch that Rolex makes (as far as most non-enthusiasts are concerned). James Bond’s watch. The Submariner’s sporty looks and legendary abilities has launched it right in the public’s eye where it has stayed for over 20 years.

Ask any younger person about Rolex and this is the one that they will most likely picture in their mind – the popularity of this watch as well as the hundreds of combinations of materials and dials you can get it in makes it a prime target for counterfeits.

Rolex Datejust

The iconic Datejust. It has a timeless design that has been in production for over sixty years now. While it has undergone a variety of changes over time, the watch is essentially the same. However, the Datejust has changed just enough to make it hard for watch connoisseurs to keep track of all the differen dial and marker combinations, hand styles, and case styling. The amount of slight differences works in favor of the fake watch makers.

Rolex President

In the same vein as the Datejust, the President has a design that is simple but elegant. This is a watch that fits in at a suit and tie formal event, as well as golfing with the boys. While the President has not bee in production for quite as long as the Datejust, it still has endured a multitude of changes that can make identifying a counterfeit more challenging than usual.

Rolex Yacht Master

One of the youngest Rolex watch models, the Yacht Master also happens to be extremely popular with the younger generation. This watch is available in exotic looking material and dial combinations which are commonly “blinged” or “iced” out. These practices make it easy to hide counterfeit revealing marks.

Also, the crowd that is likely to buy this watch also happens to be the crowd that is likely to have trouble paying for it, so a fake watch will be an appealing alternative.

Rolex GMT Master

The ultra sporty looks of the GMT Master II are also a popular target. The fact that it looks a lot like the Submariner model only helps out the counterfeit manufactuers, as they can manufacturer some parts for both watches. Many low level counterfeit GMT Master watches do not even feature the signature 24 hour hand because the makers will produce the counterfeit Submariner and GMT Master on the same line, using a different dial.

4 Responses to The Top 5 Counterfeited Rolex Watches

  1. pi4arctan1guy says:

    A “sponsored” article about counterfeit Rolex watches? What’s next? Nigerian Princes looking for well cultured people to send $34.000.000 USD DOLLARS to?

  2. Yum22Yum23 says:

    I’m not fond of unsubtle advertisement, but I think more than that, what this article lacks, is what is interesting, that is, the ways to identify fakes, very little details are known, while I understand an exhaustive list of details to look at would be humongous, it would be a lot more useful than just saying which one are being counterfeited.

  3. Topsy krit says:

    The best way I know how to spot a fake Rolex is by hearing a tick instead of seeing a smooth sweeping motion. Even though that is easy to fake too, most watches under $50 have that rigid ticking.

  4. Inherited Rolex says:

    I inherited a Rolex, and it’s a Datejust similar to the one pictured. Based on its origins, I know it’s authentic.

    Thanks for the article. Now, I know to be especially skeptical about what ebay tells me it’s worth.

    BTW, if I look closely, I can see the second hand vibrating.

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